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Gorgeous Orchids in Nipomo

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Cymbidium and dendrobium orchids flourish in a very specific climate- warm, breezy days, cool nights, and winters where freezing temperatures are rare. The Central Coast of California enjoys this Mediterranean climate, and no place is more perfect than by the coastal sand dunes of San Luis Obispo county. Extending a few miles inland from the coast is Black Lake Canyon, where, on the south slope of the canyon, a thousand orchid plants grow with many thousands of orchid flowers, in bloom from November through the summer. This is Nipomo Grande Orchids and Nursery.

Since 2006, Nipomo Grande Orchids has been collecting the finest named varieties of cymbidium and dendrobium orchids from across California- Encintas, Fortuna, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara. We are now hosting over 200 unique varieties of every imaginable color and habit- cascaders, miniatures, even massive specimen plants showing a hundred blooms each.

Orchids are remarkable flowers. With an endless range of bold colors and evocative contours, orchids add movement, artistry, and a matchless sense of refinement to your home or garden.

pink flower

Cymbidium variety "Al"

Locally Grown - Local Expertise

Because these cymbidiums are grown locally, you can set them outside with full confidence that they are adapted to your environment.

We offer the friendly, professional advice you need to ensure your orchid will make an alluring contribution to the aesthetic of your home for many years to come.

Click on the Gallery page to see the orchids we are “Now Showing” and get a preview of “Coming Attractions”. Also available are bare root divisions of the cymbidium varieties plants listed. These can be shipped nationwide and planted in orchid medium upon receipt well in time for them to develop their new root system and set bud spikes for next year.

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white and pink flower

Perfect for Any Space

Orchids are ideal as home décor, garden ornamentation, and tasteful gifts. They are easily moveable and are available in various sizes, fitting into small vases or large pots depending on your preferences. With luxurious shapes and eye-catching tints, your cymbidium will be the perfect accent for any occasion.

California Native Varieties

The nursery also provides many native California plants. Embrace the striking flora of our native state for your home or garden and support natural pollinators and ecosystems.

yellow and green flower

The Orchid House at Old Town Junction

Blooming plants are displayed and offered for sale in Nipomo, California at a prime regional enterprise, Old Town Junction, which the locals call "Mollie's Place". Everyone is free to wander through the Orchid House and the Nursery and enjoy the beautiful orchids, flowering plants, and shrubs grown by the nursery. 

Unique Seedlings for the Serious Collector

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